YoViral Review – Where Is This Service? Find Out Now

If lately, you haven’t been successful in finding YoViral anywhere on the Internet, you must be wondering what happened to it. Where did this service go?

Many people are unaware that YoViral is no longer a viable option for Instagram growth. At least not under that name.

This service is currently known as ViralRace.

So, what went wrong here? Why was it rebranded?

The majority of the time, the answer to this question is not pleasant. Is this the case with ViralRace, a.k.a. YoViral?

If we’ve piqued your interest, read on for all of the information we’ll reveal in our ViralRace review!

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ViralRace Review – The Facts

Before getting into too many details, we’ll try to make your decision about ViralRace easier with a concise and unbiased pros and cons table.

Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of the service; if not, make sure to read the entire review.

Reasonably priced.The reason behind rebranding is secret.
Safe payment options.Many negative reviews.
Sells some real followers.No 24/7 customer support.
No free trial.

What is ViralRace?

 A picture depicting the homepage of ViralRace

Let’s start with a basic question: what exactly is ViralRace?

Whether you see a YoViral or a ViralRace review, don’t pay too much attention to the name because the service’s essence hasn’t changed.

That’s the first point to keep in mind – YoViral and ViralRace are the same things. In reality, the name is the only thing that has changed.

ViralRace is one of those businesses that advertises itself as the “most reliable source of Instagram engagement.”

This indicates they’re a completely Instagram-focused growth company.

ViralRace has chosen to concentrate just on one social media platform, which is a positive thing since it allows them to devote all of their efforts to make that one service the best it can be (in theory).

Oftentimes, companies try to sell as many features for as many platforms as possible, and as a result, they offer a subpar service with poor-quality features. 

ViralRace offers three things for your Instagram account: followers, likes, and views.

We can say right away that Instagram views aren’t going to help you a lot.

They’re seldom an effective engagement stimulant – they could be if combined with followers and likes, but even then, their usefulness is debatable.

So, let’s focus on followers and likes.

ViralRace Instagram followers

IG followers are without a doubt the most efficient strategy to achieve long-term growth results. 

But for this, you need not just any, but real followers to interact with your posts. This is where most folks run into a problem with a growth tool: what if the followers they offer are fake or, at best, of mixed quality?

This is a crucial question to ask before engaging in any service. It’s critical to pay attention to what you’re buying since corrupted followers may do more harm than good to your Instagram account.

When it comes to ViralRace, there are mixed opinions regarding the followers.

While it’s possible that some of these are legitimate profiles, Instagram appears to be removing a huge number of ViralRace followers.

This is a major warning sign.

Only bot followers are removed from Instagram, as a result of the platform’s strong policy against them.

If you observe a quick drop in the number of followers you bought from ViralRace, it’s very probable that they sold you fakes (probably mixed in with the real ones).

Let’s check out the followers packages they sell:

An image that shows ViralRace’s followers packages.

The rates appear to be completely reasonable; $2.99 for 100 followers is a decent price.

Pay close attention to the section where it reads “instant followers.” While it may appear enticing, receiving bought followers in bulk is not a good idea.

When this happens, Instagram is alerted that something fishy is going on with your profile. The next thing you know, your account has been suspended because you purchased a large number of followers at once.

A drip-feed technique is an excellent solution to this issue, but sadly, it’s nowhere to be found in ViralRace’s offer.

So, if you really want to buy Instagram followers from ViralRace, go for one of the smaller bundles, as gaining 50 followers overnight is far more likely than receiving thousands and thousands.

ViralRace Instagram Likes

The costs for ViralRace’s likes are similar to the costs for followers. Take a look:

A screenshot of ViralRace’s likes packages.

The likes are said to be from real users, and they should all come simultaneously to your posts. One thing they don’t say is whether or not you can split the likes amongst different posts.

If not, it’s pointless to buy 10,000 likes and have them all come at the same time to a single photo.

Although the biggest packages contain 10K likes and followers, you can contact them personally for 50K+ likes and followers. However, since ViralRace doesn’t allow a drip-feed method, this is not the best idea. 

Customer Support

Another point worth mentioning is ViralRace’s customer service.

The issue is, ViralRace specifically guarantees customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with each plan. The reality is that they do not offer customer service 24/7 and there is no live chat option.

Sending an email to ViralRace is the sole way to contact them, and they’ll “get back to you as quickly as possible.”

This wouldn’t be that big of an issue had they been upfront about it – this way, we know they don’t keep their promises, which is always disappointing. 

What customers have to say about ViralRace

On the subject of ViralRace, customers seem to be split 50/50. The Trustpilot page for this company has either terrible 1-star or amazing 5-star ratings.

Remember how we said Instagram will delete the followers you bought from ViralRace? We didn’t say that for nothing; countless Internet customer reviews, such as this one, back up our claim:

An image of a negative ViralRace review on Trustpilot.com

This is only one example of many that raise awareness about this issue.

On the other hand, there are lots of favorable reviews, such as this one:

A picture of a positive ViralRace review on Trustpilot.com

Is ViralRace Safe?

ViralRace has a lot of advantages, one of which is that buying from them is entirely secure.

Their website is safe to use, and their payment methods have been confirmed. They also accept non-traditional payment options such as Apple Pay.

You also don’t have to give them your passwords or other personal information, which is a major advantage.

Is ViralRace legit?

ViralRace is a legitimate service. So, why did they have to rename it?

The fact is that we have no idea.

It’s possible that Instagram came close to catching them in their never-ending efforts to eliminate Instagram growth tools. But, once again, we can’t be certain. 

Some businesses tweak their appearance to disguise the fact that they are outright scams, but that does not appear to be the case with ViralRace. As previously said, ViralRace does not want to misuse your money or personal information, so it’s not really a scam.

One guess is that someone may have purchased the service and rebranded it. The truth is that, for the time being, the real reason behind rebranding will stay secret.

Final word

YoViral’s abrupt rebranding caused some controversy, but the reality is that there’s nothing that dramatic about it. Not much has changed because the service has stayed the same, with the same discounts, promotions, and pricing.

It’s totally up to you if you’ll try it now that it’s become ViralRace. You can be certain that your personal information and money are secure. 
Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for your Instagram account, so we’ll leave it at this: tread carefully.

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