Muchfollowers Review: Is It A Scam Or Not? Bringing the Truth to Light

You can’t tell if an Instagram growth service is to be trusted by looking at their website alone.

To do so, you’ll need to do a great deal of research, go to a lot of websites, and read quite a lot of reviews in order to get a comprehensive picture of the company.

If it seems like a lot of work, but don’t worry – we’re here to do it for you. Our thorough review of Muchfollowers, today’s main topic, is based on hours of research. We made sure it’s completely unbiased so you can relax knowing you’ll get only the truth about this service.

Is Muchfollowers a service worthy of your attention? Keep reading this Muchfollowers review to find out!

Among hundreds of Instagram growth companies, we found a rare jewel called Upleap. This is the one to go to for real followers, cheap rates, and safe, efficient growth. Don’t hesitate to check it out HERE.

This is not the only worthwhile company out there. You’ll find more examples in the table below:

IG ServiceUser RatingPrice
Nitreo4.7 Check Price
Upleap4.4Check Price
Socialfollow4.2Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

Quick Recap

HTTPS websiteTrustpilot removed its page
Verified payment optionsLikely sells mixed-quality followers
Paypal payments acceptedCould jeopardize your account
Doesn’t require your IG passwordNo refunds allowed
Too few online customer reviews

About Muchfollowers

A screenshot of Muchfollower’s homepage

Our first thought about Muchfollowers was that there isn’t anything about it that is especially remarkable or attention-grabbing. From the website to the whole service, it can be summed up in one word – basic

Although looks matter, it isn’t always a deal-breaker, so let’s ignore it for now. But what about the service’s other features?

Muchfollowers’ offer left us disappointed, to say the least. The offer, like the website, is underwhelming.

Still, this isn’t a huge drawback because, in fact, you don’t need a ton of features to effectively grow your Instagram account. In reality, you only need followers. But not just any followers; they have to be authentic and engaging followers. 

Real profiles will interact with your posts, stories, etc, so there won’t be a need to purchase anything besides them. This is the strategy in which we believe the most, hence the recommendations from the beginning – you can trust them to deliver exactly this. 

But, we digress.

Muchfollowers is a website that offers Instagram followers, likes, and views. It likely doesn’t work very well, based on the almost non-existent reviews.

Furthermore, their website is cluttered with useless material, such as why you should buy followers. We already know all of that, and nobody is going to spend too much time perusing all the articles on the site. 

People love straightforward processes, which isn’t Muchfollowers’ strongest suit. 

Here’s another interesting part of the website:

They say that buying Instagram followers will not result in your account being suspended. The “only” thing that might happen is that Instagram removes the bought followers. They speak about it as if it isn’t a major issue, but it most certainly is.

This argument has one flaw: if Instagram removes the followers you purchased from them, it implies they are FAKE.

Instagram’s algorithm will never remove genuine followers from your account, but it will remove bots acquired through services like this one.

And this isn’t “nothing,” as their saying goes. On the contrary, it’s a major issue since it indicates your Instagram presence is in jeopardy.

However, we cannot be certain that Muchfollowers sells fakes. We can only speculate because there are so few reviews accessible. This was one of the biggest issues we encountered while researching Muchfollowers. 

Shocking lack of reviews

Muchfollowers has a startlingly low number of customer reviews, which can be a huge red flag.

This made us ask – Is Muchfollowers a scam?

Sadly, we are unable to provide a definite answer to this question, for the reason above. That being said, even if the chances of Muchfollowers being a scam are slim, something still doesn’t feel right.

Get this – Trustpilot deleted Muchfollowers from their site, which is something they only do when a company buys fake customer reviews.

A screenshot of Muchfollowers’ Trustpilot page.

We also checked Sitejabber. On this site, Muchfollowers has 26 reviews and an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars.

Muchfollowers’ customers all have issues with the validity of their followers. We’ve already noted that it’s conceivable that the followers provided by Muchfollowers aren’t entirely legit.

Listed as one of the advantages of Muchfollowers is the fact that they consistently deliver the service.

Is Muchfollowers budget-friendly?

Let’s see how much you’ll have to pay for followers who may or may not disappear. Here’s their smallest package:

An image of the smallest followers package from Muchfollowers.

Only 250 followers come at a very affordable price of $5.95. These will be delivered within 24 hours. The most costly membership is $349 and involves the delivery of 50K followers in 14 days. It’s a fantastic technique if it truly works.

To begin with, 350 dollars for 50K followers is a steal; some businesses charge over a thousand dollars for the same number. 

Furthermore, using the drip-feed approach to avoid being discovered by Instagram’s algorithm is a brilliant tactic. It’s the closest thing to natural growth you can get.

However, we have no proof that any of this is true. Buying followers from Muchfollowers is a significant risk because there’s no way of knowing how good the followers are or whether they truly deliver them.

If you want to give it a go, the purchase process is simple: go to their website, select a package, and complete the payment process.

Only your email address and Instagram username are required. It’s important that they don’t ask for your Instagram login password.

Muchfollowers accepts PayPal and Bitcoin as payment methods (and other cryptocurrencies).

There is only one problem. They say unequivocally that refunds are not permitted, but don’t offer any explanation as to why. 

Is Muchfollowers legit?

When you look closer, this service has nothing terribly wrong with it. Surely, the lack of reviews is unsettling, but it’s not enough proof to totally dismiss it as a scam. 

The truth is it has an HTTPS website, certified payment gateways, and PayPal as a payment option – all signs of a legit business. 

Also, we couldn’t discover a single review claiming that Muchfollowers had defrauded or deceived them in any manner. Of course, just because there aren’t any reviews doesn’t imply it never happened.

Although we’d love to give you a final answer, we can’t say Muchfollowers is either 100% legit or not. 

Muchfollowers review – Summary

Let’s call it a day on Muchfollowers because there’s nothing else to say.

So, is this company a scam?

Perhaps it is, but perhaps it’s not. One thing is certain: it disappointed us.

Certainly, there are positive sides to it, but are they enough to encourage you to spend money on their followers? We would advise against it.

Muchfollowers is an inadequate service, and there are many better services in the same price range with better features.

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