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Make reels on Instagram using these awesome video editing apps!

This week we are bringing back Reels. More precisely, a list of the best video editing apps you can find out there so you can make Reels on Instagram easily and get that awesome feature on the Explore page.

We’ve said this before, you need to create quality content to stand out in the crowd, and to do that with Reels a cool idea is awesome, but definitely not enough.

In order to make videos that go viral, you need to start learning how to edit them. This is the first step, and we’re here to help you pick the perfect editing tool to get your content going.

We’re gonna focus on mobile apps. Of course, they are not as efficient as free video editors for PC such as OpenShot or others, but the idea here is that you are able to do everything from your phone, without the need to sit down in front of a screen for a couple of hours. The apps we’ll mention today are surprisingly useful and packed with the tools you need to make great content, on top of that, they are often faster and easier to use.

Check out the list below:

Why you should be creating videos

When we look at how brands advertise their products, we can see that most of them use videos to reach Instagram users.

Using videos for Instagram marketing to raise brand awareness, engagement, and of course, increase your sales is huge right now. With the new obsession for short videos in apps like TikTok and Reels on Instagram, comes a lot of potential customers.

Sometimes it’s tricky to know what kind of video you should be shooting, we’ve covered this last week and you should definitely take a look at those ideas.

If you find what kind of content your audience likes, you’re halfway there. You can learn this by running Instagram Polls, and with that information, you can adapt what you create based on user feedback on your Reels.

The 3 absolute best apps in the market


If you use a GoPro, Quick is in my opinion, one of the most complete apps out there. GoPro develops the app to be packed with awesome features. These include music-sync, a simple interface that makes video editing easy to learn and master, and they even give you the option to control your GoPro from your phone using the app!

Quick automatically imports your files and gives you cool examples of timelapse and slow-mo sequences of your footage. Once you edit the footage, you have the option to share it from the app to all social media platforms, email, or text. It feels awesome sharing content from an editor directly to your Instagram Reels.

quik app feature

The editor ensures quality as it handles videos recorded in 4K, 5K, and 5.3K.

Quik is free and limits in-app purchases to filters, themes, and presets. You don’t have to pay for access to certain editing tools as in other applications.

Download Quik on iOS and Android.

Premiere Rush

Adobe is great at what they do, no surprise there, all the software developed by the company is insanely good. To be fair, the only reason this is not #1 is a personal preference.

Premiere Rush works cross-platform and Adobe’s goal was to provide creators in social media and YouTube with a tool that requires less effort to use. This is an alternative to Premiere Pro, the desktop version, and it feels amazing to make Instagram Reels on it.

If you’re editing reels, this is the perfect match for you.

First of all, this tool converts all your footage into aspect ratios for any social media platform. In addition, it ensures that the quality of your videos meets the requirements of these platforms.

adobe premiere rush feature

The interface has everything I love: large icons (no more fat finger miss clicks), and well-distributed panels on your screen. The feature to drag and drop content into the video timeline helps a lot, as you don’t have to waste time opening your media library all the time. Among the features are easy transitions, captions, voiceovers, color correction, and much more.

Thanks to the built-in professional camera feature, you capture high-quality content from the app and start editing videos right away. With the Premiere Rush in-app camera, I feel like I have much more control over my photos and videos.

Although Premiere Rush is paid, Adobe provides a free starter plan.

Download Premiere Rush on iOS and Android.

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker pro feature

Filmmaker Pro is definitely worthy of being in the top 3 mobile editors. The app is free to use, however, some features are limited to Pro users. Also note that if you’re on the free version, you’ll be seeing a watermark on your videos.

Overall, the app is great for video editing. It has incredible green screen support, tons of fonts for captions, and is fairly easy to use if you keep to the basics.

Saving videos and uploading them to YouTube, WhatsApp, or social media platforms from the app is super easy. It’s also free to export videos in 1080p & 4K (on some devices) with no quality loss.

Now, if you want the good stuff, like chroma-keying, double exposure, and multi-layer videos, you will need the Pro subscription and some experience with it.

Download Filmmaker Pro on iOS and Android.

Other noteworthy apps that are great for creating Reels on Instagram


LumaFusion is an advanced video editor, so this is not recommended for beginners. If you’ve been into filmmaking or editing for a while it’s a great choice. However, if you’re just starting out I’d stay away from it for a while. From personal experience, it can be a frustrating adventure to go head-on with LumaFusion if you are not sure of what you’re doing.

LumaFusion feature - make reels on Instagram

The features include the following and many more:

  • Use 6 video/audio tracks
  • Use 6 additional audio tracks
  • Edit with the enhanced magnetic timeline with insert/overwrite and link/unlink clips
  • Display track headers for locking, hiding, and muting tracks
  • Use preset transitions or create your own
  • Display your preview on an external monitor
  • Add markers with notes to your timeline
  • Cut, copy, paste in your timeline and between projects
  • Fine-tune audio perfectly with the Graphic EQ
  • Keyframe audio levels, panning, and EQ for perfect mixes
  • Isolate tracks on multiple track files
  • Add third-party audio plugins
  • Layer effects; green screen, luma and chroma keys, blurs, distort, styles and color
  • Stabilize videos with integrated Lock and Load Stabilizer
  • Use powerful color correction tools
  • Select from included color LUTs like FiLMiC deLog or import your own .cube or .3dl

Download LumaFusion on iOS.


WeVideo is a fantastic platform. It includes a number of Templates that you may use to express your creativity and ingenuity when generating content.

The app is a really good match for Instagram content creators because it is always up to date with the current trends. We just got out of October, and I can tell you that it was overflowing with Halloween filters and templates.

Wevideo feature

The interface is comprehensive and easy to use. Import videos easily from your hard drive or cloud storage and then edit them. You may also record videos directly from the app using the camera on your device, which includes a lot of custom camera settings.

Another feature that stands out is that WeVideo offers a library of stock media that is commercially licensed, royalty-free, and included free in their business plans.

Download WeVideo on iOS and Android.

Final thoughts

Now you should be able to pick which editing tool fits your needs and expertise. Whether you’re someone who already knows how to edit videos but is just entering the Instagram marketing world or if you’re a complete beginner, there are always tools for you.

We hope that this list helped you and that your Reels go viral. Get out there, make videos and sell your products, reach more people and conquer the world, you’re awesome and so will be your content.

Above all else, remember that we’re constantly learning and we all make mistakes along the way. If your content doesn’t make the Explore page the first time, keep going, it eventually will!

Don’t look back, cool guys don’t look at explosions. ( •-•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■-■)


Red is the content creator for this blog, working directly with the Nitreo team, he aims to help clients and Instagram users to optimize their content and metrics. He is also a photographer obsessed with urban photography and portraits, so you can expect a few posts about Instagram photography from time to time as well.

Red has worked as a Portuguese translator and interpreter for over 7 years, he also felt really weird writing this bio in the third person.

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