Hypez Review – Read Now Everything You Need To Know About This Company

Today, we’re looking at a company that has a tendency to slip everyone’s radar for one reason or another.

We haven’t taken this task lightly, and we’ve collected all the data necessary in order to present you with an overview that will tell you whether or not this is a company you should consider using for yourself or recommend to others.

If you are interested in buying Instagram followers or any kind of service in that niche, be sure to read this review all the way through and see what we have in store for you when it comes to this Hypez review.

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Now let’s get back to the main topic – Hypez and their service.

Sadly, there wasn’t much to go off of, so we had to dig deep in order to get the information needed about this particular company and the service they provide their customers with.

Now, let’s take a look at what we collected, and see if this company will satisfy your needs and meet your standards in a way that’s acceptable.

Let’s get going!

Is Hypez Legit?

The legitimacy of a website is quite crucial because if a company isn’t legit, there’s nothing to talk about after that.

First, let’s make it clear what it means for a company to be legit.

For us, legitimacy is when a company comes through with its promise without any change of plans or conditions promised beforehand.

Now we’ll see if Hypez fulfills these criteria and if they’re legit or not.

Um, it seems like this isn’t quite possible…

 A screenshot showing the main page of the official Hypez website.

What does this mean? Well, we’re going to tell you right now.

It seems like Hypez stopped working or being available to users. It’s unfortunate since when we last checked – Hypez was working perfectly fine!

Generally speaking, it’s not uncommon to see this. One day the website is up, and the other one it’s impossible to use.

When something like this happens, and when a website gets shut down without any heads up, it’s a sign that it wasn’t a voluntary shut down.

It usually happens when a company gets sued, or forcefully shut down in some other way and they don’t have time to leave a message for their users in time.

But, we can be wrong. Companies that are regarded as bad and as a scam and want to rebrand also shut down without any notice.

Most of you might pose a question of “Is Hypez a scam?” and with all rights. We decided to visit a site called Scamadviser and see what they had to share with us.

A screenshot showing the overall score for Hypez on the official Scamadviser website.

We were quite confused by the Trustscore Hypez got on Scamadviser taking into consideration that their website is currently shut down.

This made us research this issue further, and figure out what’s behind these confusing results.

We called up some people that vigorously and religiously follow Instagram-related services, and we got some news.

Hypez actually rebranded and became Inzta. To us, this isn’t good news. This indicates that they had some sort of a problem that they couldn’t resolve as Hypez, and they decided it’s easier to start from the beginning rather than to deal with that.

It certainly isn’t good, because if a company can have such a problem, it means they can make a similar problem again.

We generally don’t recommend using a service that’s known to be a rebranded company because it can cause too many problems.

One more thing. If we take another closer look at the picture where we see that the website is shut down, at the top of the screen you’ll see that you have been redirected to the Inzta URL, which is also shut down!

This is a double red flag, so keep that in mind.

What Could Have Happened?

There are a few theories about what happened to both Hypez and Inzta.

The first one is that they have made the same mistake with Inzta as they did with Hypez earlier so they had to shut down for the same reason.

This first theory is the most probable one since everything indicates that there were the same problems as before.

We think that it was the fact that Instagram was detecting the followers coming from them, and that customers weren’t too happy about that.

Another thing that could have happened is that they thought rebranding to Inzta would bring in more money, but it turned out to be the complete opposite of that. In this scenario, cutting the costs was the reason for shutting down.

The third theory (and one of the most realistic ones) is that Instagram sued them for Hypez, then realized they rebranded and then sued them for the second time, this time under the Inzta name.

A scenario like this happens more often than you’d think. Instagram takes its terms and services of use seriously, and they don’t tolerate non-organic growth.

That’s why they come after companies like Hypez and get them to shut down, so they can stop the non-organic growth that’s against their own rules.

The last probable outcome is that former Hypez and Inzta rebranded again and decided to get yet another fresh start

Well, if this is the case – you need to be aware of what service you use.

A second rebranding campaign means only one thing, and that is that there are some serious problems with their services.

You wouldn’t want to know that a company you’re using failed twice in the past, so you need to do some extra research if you can’t find a complete article about that specific service.

Be sure to try and find out what is the second rebranding of Hypez called, so you can steer clear from that company, potentially.

Hypez Review – Finalizing Our Thoughts

There was a lot to unravel about Hypez and its other forms, so we understand if you feel confused right now.

In order to help you understand, we have made a table that depicts all the good and all the bad things about Hypez.

Let’s take a look at it!

High trust score on ScamadviserRebranded at least once
Automatically redirects you to a site that’s taken down
Doesn’t give any explanation to regular users
Potentially sued by Instagram

Unfortunately, as you can see, regardless of Hypez having a high trust score on the official Scamadviser website, there are far more negative aspects of using anything that comes from the same people as Hypez.

This just goes to show you how important it is to check where the company you’re considering using comes from and who are its owners.

Be careful out there!

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