Gramblast Review – Are Their Followers Worth Your Money? Read Here

Gramblast, who?

If we’re right, you’re here right now because you’re a bit confused. You must think that Gramblast disappeared. It didn’t.

This service just rebranded. Now, it is better known as Blastup.

Whatever the name, you are here for a reason, and that is to find out if Blastup, ex Gramblast is a reliable growth service.

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Not long ago, your main question was “Is Gramblast legit?” Don’t worry, we’re still going to answer this question, we’re just going to change the name.

You are probably interested in how this change came about, and whether it is worth buying followers from them. 

Don’t waste another minute dwelling on it, just scroll down this updated Gramblast review!

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Blastup – Key Takeaways

Since the current name of this service is Blastup, this is how we will address it from now on. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key features of this Instagram-growth service.

A neat layout of the site.Followers are being deleted.
Offers a free trial.Inorganic growth.
Automatic refill on lost followers.Negative reviews on Trustpilot.

Grom Gramblast To Blastup

How did Gramblast become Blastup?

The journey was not that complicated. What’s more, it is not at all strange for such services to transform their entire appearance in order to remain attractive. However, this is the least harmful reason for their change.

Unfortunately, most services change their appearance in the hope that they will escape the bad reputation that followed them. There are a million tools that have done this because bad reviews from unsatisfied customers were piling up.

The thing is, Gramblast just changed its name. Before it became Blastup, it looked the same.

And if we’re talking about looks, this service is keeping its layout neat. Blastup seems to be trying to be attractive to its first-time visitors, and maintain a clean layout of its homepage.

As you scroll down, you won’t have a problem with managing and finding the information that you need.

If someone still hasn’t had a chance to encounter this growth service, here’s what you’ll be dealing with.

A screenshot showing the homepage

Of course, it’s not all about looks, but admit that it’s a breath of fresh air to see a service that doesn’t have any errors, or overwhelms you with unnecessary information.

Do Past Customers Approve?

Once we’re done with the surface, it’s time to go into the depths of this service and focus on past customer reviews.

It’s true, this can be a painful experience for many services because it contradicts everything that is written on their homepage. 

Nevertheless, we believe this is an indispensable part of every review. Find a reliable source like Trustpilot, for example, and start scrolling. 

We’ve come across something interesting here.

There seem to be reviews available for both former Gramblast and Blastup.

Here’s the only review that’s posted about Gramblast.

A screenshot showing the gramblast review.

However, if you take a look at some contemporary reviews regarding Blastup, you’ll be struck by a totally different picture. Here, people are not quite happy with Blastup.

A screenshot showing the blastup review.

Blastup Followers – Quality, Prices, and Delivery

You already know the drill.

Before you buy followers from any growth service on the Internet, you need to check the following factors: quality, price, and delivery.

Instagram followers are the most reliable way to grow your platform, and we’re going to explore whether followers from Blastup are worth your attention and money.

Before we go into the details, here are their packages.

A screenshot showing the follower packages.

The thing that will catch your attention first is the price of Instagram followers here.

They are far from expensive. Even if you wanted to buy the largest package here, you’ll be spending less than $10.

This may seem like a great offer, but it’s not all that nice. Low prices generally suggest that the quality of these followers is low.

What we were able to find out about Blastup is that their followers are of average quality, and that there is a mix of real and fake accounts.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Even the best services know to forward a couple of suspicious accounts, and these accounts are mostly from India and China.

Because this is a common cause, target followers are always going to be more expensive. (Not that Blastup has such a package)

What damages Blastup’s reputation is the disappearance of followers. This happens because Instagram picks up suspicious accounts and deletes them.

The most common reason is mainly the delivery period. According to Blastup, the followers you buy will start coming in between 10 and 45 minutes.

It turns out that Instagram easily picks up any type of automatic inflow, and gets rid of it. This is the number one reason why you should be careful with growth services.

Blastup’s inorganic growth can cost you your online popularity.

Automatic Refill On Followers

If you have lost several dozens or hundreds of followers from your profile, Blastup should notice the drop and give you an automatic refill.

Note: This will only happen if your followers drop in the first 30 days of your purchase.

If you don’t get your refill, it’s up to you to contact their customer support and ask for it yourself. This may be the part you wanted to avoid, but if you care that much for your followers, we’re sure you’ll do it.

Should You Try The Free Trial?

If you fall into the category of customers who find it difficult to trust a service, you may want to try the free trial first.

Blastup has one, but it won’t do you any justice. They offer you 10 Instagram likes, which won’t make any huge difference you were hoping for.

This may be just an attempt to show you that it forwards high-quality profiles.

We understand that this is not a big step, but it can still serve as a mini-test of whether to give this service a shot or not.

Summing Up

At the beginning of the review we asked the question “Is Gramblast safe?” and we tried to answer it, just using a different name.

It is time to see if Blastup, ex Gramblast has met our requirements.

From everything we could see, Blastup doesn’t seem like a scam. This is just a service that rebranded and continued to do what it was doing all along. The quality is not high, but average, and there is a possibility that your followers will disappear.

On the bright side, Blastup offers you an automatic refill, and it won’t hurt your budget.

The final call is up to you. If you feel like this didn’t meet your requirements, keep searching – we’re sure you’ll find something! 

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