Digi SMM Review – Is Digi SMM Safe? Learn The Truth HERE

When it comes to online businesses, you can never know who to trust. It’s tough enough having to pick one from the plethora of Instagram growth services offered to the typical customer without having to worry whether they’ll deceive you or jeopardize your account.

Well, don’t fret, we’ve got your back! By providing these frank and extremely detailed reviews, we’re here to assist you on your path to selecting the best and safest tool.

Today’s topic is Digi SMM, a pretty fascinating Instagram growth service. We’ll touch upon intriguing questions, such as:

  • Can you put your faith in it?
  • Will it take your Instagram account to new heights?
  • Will it get you banned?

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Although the market is filled with scams, there are still honest companies that want to help you succeed, like these in the table below:

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KENJI4.2Check Price

Now, keep scrolling this Digi SMM review to find out what’s going on behind the curtains of this Instagram growth service!

Digi SMM – The Key Points

Let’s take a look at some of the basics regarding Digi SMM. Then, if you have the time, read our thorough assessment of this service so you can make an informed decision about it.

It’s a safe siteNot safe to use
Payment options are verifiedNot completely legit
Sells fake followers
Disrespects its customers
A lot of negative customer reviews
Too pricey
Free trial doesn’t work

What Is Digi SMM?

A screenshot depicting the homepage of Digi SMM’s website

We can tell you right away that there was one aspect of Digi SMM that we didn’t care for and it’s their website. 

When you visit their official website, you’ll get the sense that you have no idea what you’re looking at and can’t seem to locate what you’re searching for. It’s simply all over the place. 

If you go to the Instagram followers page, for example, you’ll see that plenty of scrolling is needed, especially if you want to read everything they post (which is a lot). The same can be said for each and every page on their website.

To be honest, it left us feeling confused and overwhelmed, which is the last thing you want from a growth service.

We were particularly intrigued by this one section that reads “We don’t impart you with fake or bot followers that are of no use to your IG profile.” 

You’ll also notice this if you scroll down a little: The Users Might Be Inactive Or No Real Humans.

To tell you the truth, the whole affair caused us a headache.

But, returning to the original question: What is Digi SMM?

Digi SMM is an Instagram growth service that specializes in selling Instagram followers, likes, views, comments, and auto likes. The features appear to be quite common for this sort of business based on their appearance.

Let’s take a look at each separately:

Instagram followers

Digi SMM offers a variety of tariff plans from which to select. Unlike many firms in the same industry, you are not limited to just one or two packages. These plans range in size from 50 to 10,000 followers.

This kind of variety is excellent as it provides customers with countless choices. There is always someone willing to pay for 10K followers, but this is where we encounter an issue:

Digi SMM does not offer drip-feed delivery. 

This is a huge issue if you’re going to buy thousands of followers and they all arrive overnight. It triggers Instagram of unnatural growth and you can quickly get in trouble.

But this is not the only problem with Digi SMM’s followers.

Another concern is that customers frequently do not receive what they bought from Digi SMM. Namely, this Instagram service does not always deliver on its promises. 

Many online Digi SMM reviews state that this happens regularly, and that even if you are fortunate enough to get purchased followers, they are predominantly fake or bots.

Instagram likes & auto likes

Digi SMM can provide you with anywhere from 100 to 200 thousand likes.

The odd thing about these likes is that there isn’t a single customer review that mentions them, so we can’t really comment on their quality. All we can do is speculate.

The difference between auto likes and regular likes is that the former appears on each new photo you submit automatically. Digi SMM is not clear about the number of posts for which these auto likes are valid.

Instagram comments & views

Unfortunately, zero reviews discuss Digi SMM comments. In general, this isn’t a fantastic feature because most of these companies utilize bots to make the comments, resulting in generic and bogus comments underneath your post. 

This can actually hurt your account instead of helping it. What will your genuine followers think when they see these comments?

As far as views go, well, they aren’t going to assist you much. Who even uploads regular videos these days? They should update the feature to include views for stories and reels. 

What customers think of Digi SMM

Trustpilot and Scamadviser are the two places we usually check for honest client reviews. The reviews on Digi SMM’s Trustpilot page are either positive or negative, with no in-between.

We weren’t sure which reviews to believe at first, but after analyzing them all, we have to confess that the good ones sound a little phony. The 5-star ratings are uninformative, whereas the negative feedbacks go into detail on the areas that don’t work.

To demonstrate what we mean, consider the following:

A screenshot of a positive Digi SMM review on Trustpilot.

Notice how it doesn’t say much? Let’s compare it to this one-star review, which cites specific problems they had:

A screenshot of a negative Digi SMM review on Trustpilot.

The issue appears to be that Digi SMM failed to supply followers. They also disregarded the consumer, which was the icing on the cake.

Another common criticism is that after a while, the number of followers you receive tends to decline.

The dramatic reduction in followers can only mean one thing: they’re phony, and Instagram is deleting them.

When you visit Digi SMM’s Scamadviser page, you’ll notice that the firm has a Trustscore of only 23%, indicating that the danger of using this service is rather significant. Mind you, Scamadviser is a reputable site and their claims are backed up by evidence. 

Scamadviser mentions that the main benefits of Digi SMM are that they have a valid SSL certificate and valid payment options. And that’s it. 

The list of the downsides is a lengthy one: The identity of the owner is hidden on WHOIS, link-shortening is used to hide full links, there are just too many bad reviews, and they sell fake followers.

Is Digi SMM worth the price?

One of the company’s primary claims is that its purpose isn’t to earn money. If this is the case, then why is the service so costly?

To be fair, the followers appear to be the least expensive aspect of their business. For $50, you can get 5K followers.

When it comes to likes, they offer massive bundles of up to 200K likes. These are worth a thousand dollars.

Frankly, we’d consider paying this fee if we had an assurance that all of the likes would come from actual accounts and not bots. 

However, paying’s not worth it if they don’t provide the likes like they don’t deliver the followers. We couldn’t locate any reviews that mentioned likes, so it’ll remain unknown.

Views and comments are also not affordable, but we won’t go into detail about them because we find it hard to believe you’ll ever purchase them from Digi SMM.

If you have any queries or worries regarding payment choices and are wondering how to contact Digi SMM, we’ve got bad news. There is no option for live chat. Filling out a form on their website and waiting is the only way to contact them.

Free trial

We were pleased to see that Digi SMM provides a free trial, so you can imagine our dismay when we learned it was all a ploy.

They specifically state that you can sample the service for free, however immediately beneath the signup form for the trial, you’ll notice the following:

“The free service is under maintenance. Check back later. ”

It appears that this has been going on for some time so the truth is there is no free trial.

Is Digi SMM Safe?

In terms of their website and payment methods, we’d say Digi SMM is safe. Their site is HTTPS secure, and their payment methods have been validated.

But, alas, that’s all there is to it.

We can’t claim Digi SMM is safe to use when it comes to the security of your Instagram account. You run the danger of being banned or blacklisted if you get fake followers and Instagram deletes them.

Is Digi SMM Legit?

This Instagram growth service can’t possibly be completely legitimate.

Although certain aspects, such as the website and payment choices, are legal, the followers they offer are a threat to your Instagram account.

Maybe somebody might ignore this and still believe Digi SMM is legitimate, but we can’t. If a growth service isn’t completely safe to use, it doesn’t deserve to be considered legitimate.

Let’s not forget the poor customer service provided by this company. Any supposedly legit firm would never treat its consumers with such contempt. It’s completely unprofessional and it’s a huge red flag.

Summing up

If you’re still on the fence about Digi SMM (which we doubt), here’s a summary of all the benefits and drawbacks of this Instagram growth service. Hopefully, it will assist you in making a final decision!

Safe websiteSells bot followers
Secure payment optionsUnprofessional customer support
Overpriced features
Fake free trial
Not safe
Too many negative reviews

Final Thoughts on Digi SMM

Whether you want to test Digi SMM or not, there is only one piece of advice we can provide you: make safety your first concern!

Even though there are some positive sides of Digi SMM, it’s clear that the negative ones outweigh the good ones. We strongly believe it’s not worth risking it all for this subpar service.

If Digi SMM doesn’t appear to be the ideal fit, in the end, you can always look into the services we mentioned before. We assure you you won’t be disappointed!

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