AppSally Review – Read This Before You Try It [Complete Review]

When it comes to buying followers, the most important factor is trustworthiness. 

Can you put your faith in this Instagram service to deliver? Will you be banned from Instagram as a result of their actions? Is it possible that the following isn’t genuine?

These are serious questions, which we attempt to address in each of our reviews, and this one is no exception.

We recently came upon AppSally, a website that sells a variety of questionable products.

They provide everything from followers for 22 social media networks to company listings, Google clicks, and more.

Right from the beginning, something smells fishy about this company. But, is our hunch right, or are we completely wrong about AppSally?

You’ll have to read our AppSally review to find out!

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AppSally Review – Key Takeaways

Here’s a table that nicely sums up everything we’ll talk about below:

It’s a SCAM
Banned from Trustpilot for selling fake Trustpilot reviews.
Doesn’t allow a refund.
Overcharges for faulty features.
Price points are not available until you give them your IG.
Late delivery.
Poor customer support.

What Is AppSally?

An image depicting AppSally’s homepage

We can tell you right away that AppSally is all over the place, from their website to their whole offer.

According to their site, they supply a variety of services, specifically 365 of them. You’ve read it correctly. 

You can buy engagement for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and all the other social media giants. Some lesser-known platforms, including a couple that are solely used in Russia, are also included in the offer.

Overall, it’s perplexing, but we have to hand it to them – it’s also quite unique.

AppSally’s selling point is that the followers they sell are 100% genuine, unlike those from their competitors. They guarantee that there will be no bot activity and that every engagement will come from real accounts. 

Like we haven’t heard that before.

The evidence, on the other hand, suggests otherwise.

The biggest surprise was when we checked out AppSally’s Trustpilot page.

A screenshot of AppSally’s Trustpilot page

Trustpilot, it turns out, deleted all of AppSally’s reviews from their site due to a violation of their fake review policy.

If you Google the phrases “AppSally review Trustpilot,” you’ll find the following results:

 A screenshot of AppSally’s Trustpilot service

That’s correct. AppSally is clearly attempting to profit from Trustpilot reviews. This is one of the reasons we like Trustpilot so much: they don’t tolerate fake reviews.

We looked harder and ended up on Quora since we couldn’t locate any AppSally user reviews elsewhere. The first thing we saw:

An image of Appsally review on Quora

This client attempted to buy LinkedIn connections. They paid in advance just to be disappointed when they didn’t receive the service.

ScamAdviser was the only other location where we were able to track down more customer reviews.

A screenshot of AppSally customer review on ScamAdviser

While there are surprisingly few negative AppSally reviews, there are lots of positive ones, like this one on their own website:

A screenshot of a positive review on the Appsally website.

How can we believe any of the positive reviews now that we know AppSally is in the business of providing fake reviews?

The fact is that we can’t and shouldn’t. Generally speaking, glowing onsite reviews many services proudly show should be taken with a grain of salt. Most of the time, they’re fake, and we have no reason to believe why it would be any different with AppSally.

So, what have we learned about AppSally thus far?

They don’t follow through on their promises, and they make pitiful excuses for the lateness of their deliveries. 

Furthermore, you won’t be able to get your money back, and if you file a claim with PayPal, they will create proof to claim that the order was delivered. 

Lastly, they were kicked off of Trustpilot for selling fake Trustpilot reviews. 

Need we go on or is this enough to conclude AppSally is a scam?

Is AppSally Legit? 

The answer should be evident by now, but for the purpose of a thorough review, let us dig a little further.

It’s difficult to determine how AppSally strengthens your accounts based only on their website. Before you can learn more details about the service, you must give them your Instagram username.

We were particularly nervous about AppSally knowing our Insta, so we made a false account just to see what would happen. (Spoiler alert: nothing).

Because AppSally doesn’t let you in on anything, we still can’t tell you how it all works.

Aside from the enigmatic website, AppSally continues to surprise in other areas, such as their Terms of Service.

A 15-day retention warranty, for example, is explicitly stated in the conditions.

So, if your followers or other metrics decline within 15 days after purchase, you can complain, but no refunds are guaranteed. If it’s been longer than 15 days, you’re out of luck.

Furthermore, users frequently voiced their dissatisfaction with the high cost of each AppSally service. According to reports, they charge exorbitant rates for simple, low-quality features.

Plus, you won’t know the precise pricing until you give them your Instagram account.

All in all, paying for AppSally’s services is a waste of money due to the exorbitant costs and a snowball’s chance in hell of receiving a refund.

AppSally’s secure website appears to be the only thing that makes them legitimate.

The payment options are also authentic. But, can it be considered as a safe and legit service if you’re basically pouring money down the drain?

Customer support

They claim to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but this is not the case. On the site, they listed the official office hours and how you can supposedly contact them. 

The only method to reach them is to submit a support ticket on the website and wait for a response.

Don’t get your hopes up. The customer service department either discards you or makes some lame excuse for the company’s ineptness.

The bottom line

It’s more than apparent by now that AppSally is not a trustworthy service. We don’t blame you if you haven’t seen it right away. It’s super easy to fall for a scam such as AppSally, especially if you’re a novice in this industry. 

However, since you’re here, we can assume you’re doing your research, so good job! Be sure to always dig deep before placing your trust into the hands of any Instagram growth service. It’s the only way to stay safe.

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