How to add multiple pictures to one Instagram story

Adding multiple pictures to one Instagram story can feel troublesome if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Of course, you can add them individually and it works, but you could optimize your time by adding them in a single batch or creating a collage with multiple pictures.

Using collages is also a great way to keep things aesthetically consistent if you want to post multiple photos.

Be sure to also check our guide on Instagram templates for a more in-depth guide on improving your brand aesthetic.

There are two ways to add multiple pictures to one Instagram story, we’ll go through those below:

Use a collage app

There are lots of collage apps out there, we’ll show the three we tested and liked the most so you can pick the one for you.


Starting with Layout, which is created by Instagram itself.

You can download Layout for iPhone and Android.


Once you’re done downloading Layout, open the app and you will be greeted by a beautiful collage and instructions on how to use the features. If you’re already logged in to Instagram, there is no need to make a new login.


Now that the app is running, you will select your photos and a layout of your choice.

Photos by Red

You can drag the selected pictures within the layout for your collage and arrange them as you like.

You can also tap each photo and then drag the blue corners to resize each one individually within the collage.

As a result, the collage will be saved to your camera roll, you can then post them from Instagram instead of manually posting every single photo.


Tezza is an Instagram influencer well know for her collages and amazing photo presets. She actually launched an app quite a while ago to share those presets and her collage layouts are there too!

You can access all of the features in the Tezza app, which you can download on both iOS and Android devices.

You get a 7-day free trial, and you can get the app for $3.99/month or $39.99/year afterward.


This is another great way to add multiple pictures to one Instagram story.

The app is also constantly getting new updates with awesome features, more presets, and collage templates, which you can customize as much as you want.


We believe that PicMonkey is one of the most complete apps out there, you will find Instagram templates, collage layouts, amazing filters for your photos, and more.

Not to mention that their Instagram page is just a sight for sore eyes, the brand aesthetic there is on point.

PicMonkey’s Instagram feed

The best part of PicMonkey in my opinion is that you also have a browser version so you can plan out your content comfortably on a PC.

Each of their collage layouts is completely customizable, so you can make each template your own easily.


You can download the app for both iOS and Android devices. Plans start at $7.99/month.

You want to post multiple stories at once? Easy

Now you might want to add multiple single-photo stories simultaneously, we know that adding one at a time can get quite boring.

Open your Instagram app and swipe to the right from the home page.

Tap the gallery icon in the bottom-left of your screen, this will open your camera roll.

On the top right, click “select multiple” and then pick all the pictures you would like to post as individual stories.

You can set your photos as favorites so you can find them easily when planning your content.

Modify each story individually and tap “Next” to move to the next one.

Tap “Next” again after you’re done and all the stories will be posted to your stories in the order you selected them.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to add multiple pictures to one Instagram story.

This all adds up to your Instagram growth strategy. If you want to get more reach for your page, be sure to check our article on growth strategies.


Red is the content creator for this blog, working directly with the Nitreo team, he aims to help clients and Instagram users to optimize their content and metrics. He is also a photographer obsessed with urban photography and portraits, so you can expect a few posts about Instagram photography from time to time as well.

Red has worked as a Portuguese translator and interpreter for over 7 years, he also felt really weird writing this bio in the third person.

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